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RMW boots

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman B543Y

£274.19 (GBP) $320.99 (USD) £316.78 (GBP)

Baxter Aspen High leg boot

£41.69 (GBP) $48.80 (USD) £51.54 (GBP)

Baxter Dancer Boot

£91.48 (GBP) $117.80 (USD) £105.42 (GBP)

Baxter Drover Boot

£137.89 (GBP) $161.43 (USD) £167.49 (GBP)

Baxter Gaucho Distressed

£105.95 (GBP) $124.03 (USD) £122.40 (GBP)

Baxter Goulburn Dress Boot

£122.98 (GBP) $143.98 (USD) £180.38 (GBP)

RM Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman B543Y

£274.19 (GBP) $320.99 (USD) £316.78 (GBP)

Chinchilla Craftsman (B543U) Made-to-Order 10-12 weeks

£350.85 (GBP) $410.74 (USD) £396.64 (GBP)

The Stitching Horse Bootery was established in 1976 primarily to provide the best in boots and outdoor footwear to Australians. Now we deliver original and authentic R.M. Williams boots to your front door anywhere in the world. That’s because they are the best in the world. As every Australian knows:

“You can screw them up and do what you like. You can't destroy them. These boots are made for people with the highest standards. People who expect them to last."

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