Chinchilla Craftsman (B543U) Made-to-Order 10-12 weeks

£396.64 (GBP)
£350.85 (GBP)
$410.74 (USD)
  • Made-to-Order 10 – 12 weeks
  • Dress/Casual boot
  • Cognac or Bordeaux Burnished Yearling leather
  • Sewn welt leather soles with flat heels.
  • Chisel toe shape.
  • Natural finish on soles and heels
  • Sizes: Mens 6-12 (US7-13)
  • Sizes: Ladies 6-9 (US9-12)
  • Medium G, Wide H

The Burnish effect is a new finish from R.M.Williams, hand-applied in our Adelaide factory. The dye is hand-painted onto the leather on the last. The unique nature of each leather hide and the hand-applying process creates great levels of depth perception in the colour on the boot. After the dye is applied it is heated to 130 degrees to set the dye. Areas that receive more heat bring out a darker tone of colour, giving each boot a unique character and individual look. Each boot is created from natural yearling hides.

Burnished boots should be lightly polished using the RMW Natural Polish only. The first couple of times they are polished, a small amount of excess dye may come off but it this will not affect the overall finish.

Chinchilla boots take 10 – 12 weeks to obtain. Made-to-Order boots cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged so please get your size right. Feel free to ring an we can help you.

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